The Timberland Group

Home of the Minejack® vehicle family

Marcotte expanded its production facilities in 1997 following acquisition by the Timberland Group, originators of the highly successful Minejack Carrier. With this expansion, we implemented complete product control from design to manufacture, using the Minejack Carrier as the basic building block for a complete family of vehicles. Now known as the Marcotte Minejack Carrier, this platform is available in several model sizes from the mid-size M20, M30 and M35 multi-duty range to the full-size dedicated purpose M40, M50 and M60 models. On-board equipment packages are available for most models to support cranes, ANFO loaders, flatdecks, fuel/lube trucks, shotcrete transport and spraying units, scissor lifts, personnel carriers, multi-purpose carriers and more.

Responsive Engineering & Service

As the mining industry progresses and the needs of our customer change, Marcotte’s strength lies in our ability to offer engineered solutions to suit our customers’ needs.

At Marcotte, we consistently deal with our customers in a prompt and professional manner. We have the technical skills, product knowledge and capacity to repair most underground utility vehicles including those manufactured by other suppliers. The expertise of our Service Department Representatives is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We carry a full complement of spare parts to support units in the field and we have people available around the clock to provide after sales parts support.

The Trusted Standard

Marcotte is committed to Safety and Quality in our workplace and at our customer sites. Our own facility is registered to ISO9001:2008 by SAI Global. All welding done during our manufacturing process is controlled to CWB, CSA Standards W47.1.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Sudbury, Ontario and includes over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space. CNC burning and milling capability, 20,000 pound capacity welding positioners and a large wash bay and paint booth provide ample space to produce all utility type vehicles efficiently and safely.

At Marcotte, we are proud to be part of our community. We strongly believe in protecting our environment and we take pride in our efforts to be proactive not reactive to ensure our future.

® Minejack is a registered trademark of Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc.