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Marcotte Mining Releases New RAM40 Carrier


Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc. is excited to announce the unveiling of its new generation RAM40 carrier.

The RAM40 carrier is our new standardized carrier that is able to accommodate our entire fleet of vehicles, integrating either low horsepower, high horsepower, Tier 4 or our new Siemens battery drive package.

With a focus on operator safety, standardization and ease of maintenance, we have designed the RAM40 with better sightlines and increased visibility around the machine, making it safer for the operator and everyone working around the vehicle. In addition, all maintenance activities can be performed from ground level, making it easier and safer for those maintaining the equipment and completing daily checks. A standard carrier means common parts for better service, support and quicker build times for new capital orders.

The name of the new RAM40 is a tribute to our roots and where we started. RAM stands for ‘Raymond Arthur Marcotte’, who was the founder of Marcotte Mining. We wanted to recognize where we came from but also create a machine that was new, innovative and spoke to our future.


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