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Third Generation Appointed General Manager of Marcotte Mining

Sudbury, Ontario –Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Alicia Woods as General Manager effective immediately.

Mrs. Woods has over 15 years of experience in the mining supply and service sector and previously worked in various capacities from accounting and administration to sales and service.

In her new role Mrs. Woods will oversee operation of Marcotte Mining including engineering, production, sales and support while providing leadership and vision.

“I’m up for the challenge,” she says and “there’s opportunity here”. The Marcotte name has always been synonymous with innovation, quality and excellent customer service.

Mrs. Woods is committed to moving the company forward to regain its position in the mining industry.

“Right now we are going back to basics, focusing on our strengths and in close consultation with our employees, we will set the course for the future,” she says.  We will operate under the shared set of values of the Timberland Group of Companies by being truthful in all dealings and communications, internally and externally and we will be fair to all employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

The appointment marks the return for Mrs. Woods, who worked at Marcotte Mining from 2000 to 2008.  But her relationship with the company started long before. Her late grandfather Raymond Marcotte and father Paul Marcotte along with his brothers founded the company in 1979 and they both played an important role as mentors in Mrs. Woods’s young formative years.

“I would spend my weekends in the factory with my dad and I envisioned myself filling his shoes,” says Mrs. Woods.

In 1995 after the passing of Paul Marcotte, the Timberland Group purchased Marcotte Mining. The manufacturing facility is based in Sudbury, Ont. and employs about 40 people, many of whom have been with the company since its inception.

“There are many familiar faces here, and many people who have been here since I was young,” says Mrs. Woods.

“It’s great to come back to a company where there still is that core group of employees.”

Mrs. Woods is also founder of Covergalls, the first coverall designed by women for women. She is a member of the board of directors for SAMSAA and plays an active role in Women In Mining Canada.

About the company:

Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc. designs and manufactures mine utility vehicles for underground mining applications.

Marcotte develops diesel-powered vehicle packages renowned for the highest quality and cost-effective performance. Building on the proven Minejack platform, our model range is designed to suit all mines and applications ranging from Anfo loaders, shotcrete transport and spraying vehicles to personnel carriers, flat decks, fuel/lube trucks, scissor lifts, forklifts, road conditioners and more.

As a member of the Timberland Group, Marcotte has the resources and expertise to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements for successful underground projects worldwide.