The Timberland Group

Repair & Repurposing

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Marcotte Mining not only designs and builds new state of the art equipment but we also have the ability to repair or repurpose your underground utility vehicles. We have the right people and the expertise to bring your existing equipment to an ‘as new’ operating condition. When your project no longer has the need for a dedicated piece of utility gear, our expert team of dedicated designers and fabricators have the ability to convert any unit to an alternate design allowing our customers to capitalize on their initial expenditure.


Our team of on-site designers are dedicated to the research and development of safe, reliable, and innovative underground utility equipment. We work closely with our customers to have a full and complete understanding of the applications of your project. As a member of the ‘Timberland Group of Companies’, we have the resources necessary to offer engineered solutions to the challenges that may surface with standard designed equipment.